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Two men fishing from a Tracker boat in a quiet cover on the lake

5 Revealing Questions to Ask When Buying a Fishing Boat

April 23, 2019
Are You Wanting to Buy a Fishing Boat? White River Marine Group spokesperson and Product Development Manager, Steve Mason, knows fishing boats. He was once one of the nation’s largest Tracker boat…
Life Vest: photo credit Tim Allard

So Many Reasons to Own a Jump Starting Battery Pack

December 10, 2018
Having a portable jump starting battery pack is a good idea if you’re an outdoors enthusiast. Whether camping or hunting in a remote wooded area, fishing in the middle of the lake, or on the side of…
News & Tips: Boating: It's Safety First With These Navionics Features (video)...

Boating: It's Safety First With These Navionics Features (video)

August 18, 2017
Ever drive your boat up on a dry mudbank, shoal or sandbar? Hit an unmarked hazard? Get lost in the fog? Lose your electronics due to a lightning strike and not be able to find your way back? If you…
News & Tips: Zona's Tip: Paddle Down With Power Pole in Rough Water (video)...

Zona's Tip: Paddle Down With Power Pole in Rough Water (video)

May 17, 2017
We’ve all been there before, especially those who live in the “North Country”. The day has been booked off work for weeks, or the lake had been flat calm all day, but the wind kicks out 3-foot waves…
Life Vest: photo credit Tim Allard

5 Ways to Inspect and Maintain an Inflatable Life Vest

March 28, 2017
Inflatable life jackets or vests are popular items for anglers and boaters. Although easy to use, vests require ongoing care and maintenance to keep them in good working order throughout their…
News & Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Anchor for Your Boat (infographic)...

The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Anchor for Your Boat (infographic)

August 4, 2016
Whether you’re into fishing, waterskiing, or wilderness canoeing, it’s smart (and sometimes required by law) to have an anchor on board your watercraft. There are many reasons you may need to anchor…
News & Tips: 10 Boating Essentials Under $25

10 Boating Essentials Under $25

June 1, 2015
Having a great day on the water is one of the joys of summer. While you can’t control some things, like weather and boat traffic, you can keep your vessel in top shape while carrying the right…
News & Tips: Basics of Launching a Boat (video)

Basics of Launching a Boat (video)

September 13, 2013
Boat launch activity can range from placid to pandemonium — or anywhere in between. Line-ups and on-the-ramp mishaps can send impatient individual's stress-levels soaring; conversely a vacant launch…
News & Tips: Boat Seat Buyer's Guide

Boat Seat Buyer's Guide

April 29, 2013
Quality boat seats can make a big difference when it comes to boating comfort. Anglers, hunters and pleasure boaters all rely on seats to keep their watercraft comfortable for their back and…
News & Tips: Boat Battery Buying Guide

Boat Battery Buying Guide

March 5, 2013
Selecting a new 12-volt marine battery for your boat can be a daunting task for first-time buyers. You may be asking questions like "What type of battery is used for a trolling motor"? or, What is a…
News & Tips: Shallow-Draft Boats & Jet Units

Shallow-Draft Boats & Jet Units

October 29, 2012
Jet boats can go where many standard boats can't, opening up miles of undistrubed areas. Shallow-draft boats driven by a jet stream of water can propel an angler to portions of free-flowing rivers…