News & Tips: How to Care for a Pocket Knife

How to Care for a Pocket Knife

January 31, 2019
Caring for a Pocket Knife is Simple, But Important A quality pocket knife like a Case knife or Buck knife is meant to last for decades, even generations. But if you want to pass a favorite knife…
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Buying a Camping Knife? Consider These Factors to Pick the Best Solution

September 19, 2018
Is there a new camping knife in your future? To make the right choice there’s a lot to consider. Whether you’re a weekend family camper, a backpacker, or a hardcore wilderness survivalist there are…
What Makes A Good Knife

What Makes A Good Camping Knife?

August 31, 2017
The selection of a camping knives and tools is a personal choice. That’s why knives are such a hotly debated topic on social media and around the campfire. Everyone has their own favorites. So…
News & Tips: A Look at the Most Popular Knives and Their Uses...

A Look at the Most Popular Knives and Their Uses

July 21, 2014
I've tested hundreds of knives, written a million articles on them and conducted knife seminars from Alaska to Texas. At the end of every seminar I'm always asked, "What is the best knife to buy?" No…
News & Tips: Fillet Knife Buyer's Guide

Fillet Knife Buyer's Guide

May 9, 2013
There's nothing more satisfying to an angler than enjoying a home-cooked meal of fresh caught fish. The aromas, the taste, and that prerequisite feeling of fullness should be icing on the cake to an…
News & Tips: Knife Sharpening Tips: It's All About the Angle...

Knife Sharpening Tips: It's All About the Angle

February 15, 2013
All outdoorsmen use a knife and yet how to obtain an edge remains a mystery to most. It takes some skill but it doesn't require a PhD. Our granddads used whetstones but with today's super hard knives…